Tech Talents
Our initiative is designed to support tech talents from Eastern Europe to work in Portuguese startups
We act. We can’t stand aside.
Vis Caeli Impact Lab is a global team supporting startup founders from Eastern European countries. Our values are based on the principles of cultural diversity, inclusiveness, originality and uniqueness of teams. We are committed to create a social impact and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Agenda.
At the present our families, friends and colleagues found themselves in a critical situation. We have possibilities to help them in finding safe and sustainable work environment and business opportunities.
Our team has created a talent database for startups from Portugal and IT professionals from Ukraine and other Eastern European countries to quickly find each other.
Portuguese startups and venture capital funds have joined us in this initiative. They are in search of qualified tech talents and ready to support talents in Tech Visa.

Tech Visa aims to ensure that highly qualified specialists can access jobs created by Portuguese incorporated startups, in a simplified way.
Who joined the initiative